Allwin21 Corp.

  Allwin21 Corp .  is the  exclusive  licensed manufacturer of  AG Associates  Heatpulse 610 Rapid Thermal Process tool. We are manufacturing the new  AccuThermo AW Series  Atmospheric and Vacuum Rapid Thermal Processors. Compared with traditional RTP systems, Allwin21’s AccuThermo AW RTPs have innovative software and more advanced temperature control technologies to achieve the BEST rapid thermal processing performance (repeatability, uniformity, and stability) with decades of research directly applicable to ours.We focus on extending product lifecycle, providing solutions, and engineering enhancements to many production-proven semiconductor process equipment as well- most directly related to Si and III-V processing. These platforms of OEM semiconductor equipment have been used in Si and III-V production and R&D since the 1990′s. They have  proven  processes and research. Allwin21 Corp. can customize these OEM systems with Allwin21′s comparable integrated process control system wi